Federal and State legislation have imposed stringent regulations regarding PCB limits resulting in the critical need for utilities to adopt efficient methods to identify PCB contaminated equipment. Implementing a proactive oil testing program is the best solution for a utility to serve the needs of its customers, respond to government regulations, reduce liability risk, and to support a cost effective PCB management program.

Since 1988 JACO has worked with over 160 utilities in the United States and Canada including New York, Alabama, Washington, Arizona, Illinois, North Dakota, Tennessee, and Montana to name a few. This has resulted in JACO obtaining over 1,000,000 samples from overhead, underground and vault installations. Our patented sealing rivet was used on all these units without sacrificing the integrity of the tank (we have never received a customer complaint regarding a rivet failure). JACO’s sampling service includes obtaining the oil sample as well as inspecting and labeling the unit and testing the sample using our accredited laboratory.

Jaco has a detailed PCB oil sampling procedure. This procedure was created as a standard and can be modified to meet any of our customer’s requirements. All crew supervisors selected for this project are highly skilled journeyman lineman and have undergone extensive safety and oil extraction training.

JACO strongly recommends contacting references of all potential sampling contractors prior to awarding service contracts. Due to the potential regulatory issues that can arise when dealing with samples of transformer oil that may be contaminated with PCBs, no matter how slight the risk, the integrity of your contractor and their product is of the utmost importance.

Quotations, lab certifications and EPA Performance Evaluations available upon request. Please contact us for pricing or additional information.