JACO was hired to inspect and sample transformers in our service territory. Over the next 4 years they examined over 5000 transformers, this generated about 200 service orders per year and aided us in removing all units with over 45 ppm PCB’s. Our area is nearly 20,000 square miles, the work would not have been completed without the service preformed by JACO. They did a professional job, if I would give any advice it would be to hire them and have a good record of their inspection to each site.

Dwite B.
McKenzie Electric

Red River Valley REA contracted the services of JACO, Inc. in November 1997 for the purpose of a system-wide PCB testing program for our distribution transformers. Our original plan was to spread the project over a 5-year period, but available funding allowed us to speed the process up some. JACO agreed to work for us in November and December of 1997 and stay on through January and February of 1998. During that four month period, over 3,300 transformers were tested, inspected and documented according to our specifications. Then in October of 1998, JACO returned for another six months, through March of 1999. During this period of work, almost 5,200 transformers were tested and inspected. By JACO working from one year into the next, on these two occasions, we were able to spread these expenses into different year’s budgets. Thanks to JACO, we were able to complete a 5 year project in only 16 months. They were very easy and willing to work with our schedule, and even more important, were very professional and courteous with our member-customers while working in the field. By having JACO test our transformers, we were able to identify the units that were contaminated with PCB’s, and develop a remediation program. As a result, we can claim that our company has attained a 100% “Non-PCB” system.

Greg H.
Red River Valley REA

We are very pleased with JACO for the testing and analysis work they have performed for us over the past 4 years.

After Hurricane Ivan we had to dedicate our crews to restoring and rebuilding service to our existing customers and meeting the demands of accelerated growth in the area.

I contacted JACO to find out about having them perform the PCB testing on our transformers. Once we reached an agreement, JACO sent a crew down to perform the oil sampling procedures. The JACO crew was extremely professional in their approach to dealing with the customers, addressing safety issues and keeping me informed of any unusual situations or conditions that they encountered.

I would not hesitate to recommend JACO to anyone interested in obtaining first class testing and analysis work on their transformers.

Bill G. B.
Riviera Utilities

The City of Metropolis has many ongoing projects in which to keep track of and we feel confident when one of these projects is in the hands of JACO. The services they provided to us have been with both knowledge and expertise. JACO is truly a credit to their profession.

From the beginning of the project through to the end, they are in constant contact with our offices to advise us of time frames, scheduling and the progress being made. When questions need answers, they are always quick, effectively and in a professional manner. In addition, the billing we have received, is always accurate, honest and easily understandable.

It is with confidence that I would recommend JACO for any project you have.

Please don’t hesitate to contact my office if I can be of any further assistance.

Bill M.
City of Metropolis